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About Lagarto Studio Watercolours

Beth is a Watercolour Artist from Coventry UK although she started her artistic career as a Graphic Designer after graduating from Leicester Polytechnic in 1986. She worked in a number of Design Agencies in and around her home town until 1999 when she gave up her career to raise a family. 


During this period, the field of Graphic Design moved on massively making returning to it not an option she relished and by this time she found that she was craving a more hands on creativity. 


At the age of 51 and after spending time looking at the work of Artists online, her previous interest in Watercolour quickly became more than just a hobby and a year later in July 2017 after having produced 100 or so paintings she started her Studio, Lagarto Studio Watercolours. 


During the first COVID 19 lockdown of 2020 Beth took part in the 'Free Portraits for NHS heroes' initiative. She found it a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience, if not a little nerve wracking. She completed 23 free portraits and was featured in her local newspaper (The Coventry Telegraph) and  the local Radio Station (BBC CWR).


More than her new found fondness of figurative work (and a direct result of the COVID 19 lockdowns) was her increasing desire for escapism. Boats, water and the sea were starting to become an obsession. Initially thinking this was simply due to a fascination with light, movement and reflection she soon realised however, it was much more. The lockdowns had given Beth a subject matter she was developing a real enthusiasm and passion for and her Waterscapes and Seascapes are now what she is most known for.


Beth works exclusively in Watercolour, it is a well known fact amongst Artists that it is not the easiest of mediums. Beth says of Watercolour

"You are always under pressure, often only having minutes before the paint dries and then mistakes can rarely be corrected. It is both unforgiving, and unpredictable but, these are the very characteristics that make it an incredibly exiting medium in which to work. I love the fluidity, the movement you can achieve, and the very fact you can't totally control it, you almost dance with it, it's a very emotive medium. I love the challenges the medium presents and the fact that you cannot paint the same painting, the same way twice.  I also love that it is easily transportable, reasonably priced and far less messy than other mediums"


Beth sees each painting as a new challenge, and one she relishes daily.


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Most 'liked' painting of 2021

Solitude at Sea

Solitude at Sea originla on free ref.png

23, June 2021

977 'likes' and 218 comments.
The comments for this painting were amazing and  I was certainly kept busy replying to them. It was quite overwhelming in a lovely way.

Venice 3 & Venice 5 

Venice 2

November 2021

Venice 5.jpg

These 2 paintings of Venice were sold during my solo exhibition at The Arts Trail Studios in Leamington Spa. They were bought by the owner of a local Italian Restaurant.

Venice original painting and giclee print

Venice plus print.jpg

10, July 2021

Once again the original painting on the left and the giclee print on the right. Again a fabulous quality reproduction.

I can arrange for giclee prints of a majority of my paintings. Pllease contact me with enquiries.