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Lagarto Studio Watercolours

Welcome to my Art Studio, there's something for everyone here so please have a browse and feel free to contact me with any questions or simply for a chat.

 I'd like to thank all of the wonderful photographers who have kindly allowed me to use their images as reference for many of my paintings. Without them, things would look very different and my Website a lot smaller. Whenever possible, I paint from my own reference but, there are many places I'll never get to visit or have the opportunity to photograph and so I'll continue with my thanks and appreciation of the photographer's generosity.

High quality same sized Giclee prints are available of most of my paintings and I have A5 blank greetings cards in stock of many of them too so please enquire.  These will be updated regularly as new paintings are produced.

Hand in hand with these I have a selection of smaller A5 prints available, framed and unframed. Again, please do enquire.

I now offer in person teaching sessions from my studio so if that is something you may be interested in please contact me to discuss further and I do take on certain commissions so again please enquire.

Venice Gondolas hard.jpeg

"Watercolour is the medium you dance with"

A timelapse of me painting a Hibiscus. You'll notice how fluid the painting action is when using watercolour.

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Beth I'm sure you would have heard that today is National Thank You Day. I would once again like to thank you for my amazing Portrait for Heroes 
Stay safe

Jennifer Marshall

You've become my favorite artist out of thousands. Love the umberella. The composition and colors are superb

Jae Haussling

Beth I can recognize your paintings because you have an amazing style that's just yours , your paintings inspire me to paint more

Selma Cikojevic

Muscovey better pic.jpg

“A friend found one of Beth's paintings on the internet and noticed it was our former narrowboat. We saw the image and instantly decided to see if it was for sale. It now hangs in our saloon of our new boat! Beth has captured and reinterpreted our lovely boat and marvellous reflections on the water. Her work is brilliant and she was apleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.”

Nigel Hawley


“I just couldn't resist one of Beth's beautiful water pics and it was this one that finally captured my heart. I bought a print as sadly the original was not in my price bracket, however  I was so impressed.. the paper was gorgeous and the quality of the print fantastic, it even had a few hand touched bits of paint and so was as good as the real thing! I am delighted to now own one of Beth's magical watery paintings, she is an absolute talent"

Philippa Bungard